Lucy Niebruegge Golden has been making jewelry in the White Mountains of NH for 30 years. As an avid naturalist, she feels fortunate to be able to explore her interests in her work. When not in the studio, Lucy can be found cross country skiing in the winter, and biking, hiking and swimming in the warmer months. It is often during these times that creative ideas present. Lucy's interests encompass all facets of the natural world, but she is especially fascinated by caterpillars, moths, butterflies, and mushrooms. And lichen. And wildflowers. And birds. She draws on her love of color when exploring these themes in her jewelry. She is passionate about conservation and preservation, and hopes that her work is a reminder of the critical importance of our natural environment.

Lucy started making jewelry in high school and took jewelry classes at RISD while earning a BA in Semiotics from Brown University. She worked for a while in the fashion jewelry business in Manhattan before moving to NH. She has been a juried member of the League of NH Craftsmen for over 30 years, and sells her work through most of their galleries and their Sunapee Fair, as well as other events and galleries. She teaches metals and jewelry-making at the Littleton Studio School and is an enthusiastic believer in power of creative expression.