Materials, Techniques and Care

All of the jewelry is handmade, so there may be some minimal (and possibly not discernible) variations which make each piece unique. I use various combinations of materials and techniques in the jewelry, which I will describe here:

Materials: I usually use jeweler's brass and Sterling silver, but also include 14K Goldfilled on occasion, as will be noted in individual       descriptions. When I use brass, I lacquer it so as to minimize any future care. 

Findings: Earring wires are usually Sterling, but occasionally may be 14K Goldfilled. If you have a preference, please let me know.    I also have niobium earring wires for people with very sensitive ears. Please ask if you would prefer them. All drop earrings can     be switched to a screwback/clip combination earring finding for people without pierced ears. Please let me know. Thanks! Chains   are either Sterling or occasionally 14K Goldfilled, unless noted otherwise in descriptions. 

Techniques: I use a variety of techniques, some of which I have developed. All of my work is fabricated. There is no casting.   Colored pieces are individually hand-painted using a variety of media which includes various paints, markers, pigments and   resins.  My choices for what to use when are based on what effect I am looking to incorporate. I also use vitreous (kiln-fired glass   enamels) here and there. Jewelry descriptions will always mention what I have used in a piece. 

Care: For the most part, the jewelry should not require much in the way of maintenance. Sterling components might benefit from   using a jeweler's rouge cloth occasionally. You can also use tarnish removing dip on Sterling, but not the lacquered brass. 

And finally...All of the jewelry is inspired by a desire for our world to be honored, for life to be recognized as the miracle that it is. I   hope that it serves as a reminder of this for you, as conceptualizing and making it always brings this back to me. I believe that it is   this spirit that will ultimately help to conserve and preserve our wonderful and varied world as we move (albeit haltingly at times)   into this new century.