Due to unforeseen circumstances, (who could ever have predicted this?), I am still not certain of my schedule for 2021 with a few notable exceptions. Of the several in-person (!) events listed below, all will be held with with various up-to-date safety protocols in place. 

Due to the continued uncertainties re events, I am making an effort to stay on top of updating my website. And I have lots of new ideas manifesting on ye old soldering board. I am also just starting an email newsletter that will feature new work and the thoughts behind it, specials, announcements, etc. If you aren't signed up for it yet, please do. And check back in!  

Event/s (so far...):

-Featured Craftsperson, Exeter Fine Crafts. May1-31.

-The League of NH Craftsmen's Sunapee Fair, August 7-15, Booth 715


-Charlotte Hobbs Memorial Library Art & Artisans Fair, Lovell, Me, August 21.

-SOWA Art Market, Boston, Ma., September 5.

-Waterbury Arts Fest, Waterbury, VT, September 11, 10-4.

-SOWA Art Market, Boston, Ma., October 17.