11th Nov 2018

Yet another amazing aspect of the natural world is bioluminescence. Bioluminescence is the ability for a living organism to produce light. Certain jellyfish, deep sea creatures, mushrooms, algae and insects such as fireflies are bioluminescent. They possess the ability to produce light, which often is triggered by darkness. I find this to be inspiring, so use bioluminescence (minus the bio, or "life" source) in my jewelry. Some of the mushrooms and fish-themed jewelry that I make glow gently in the dark when exposed to a bright light for several minutes. The life forms that can do this are able to attract mates and/or food as a result. When the jewelry glows, it may not (although it possibly could) accomplish these fetes, but if nothing else, it will attract attention and act as a tribute to this phenomenal feature of our universe.