There are so many aspects of the great outdoors that are both exciting to encounter, and nurturing at the same time. Mushrooms are but one example of this. Mushrooms come in all shapes, sizes and colors. Some are not only edible, but delectable, and others are deadly poisonous. All mushrooms are fascinating and a thrill to find. I believe that the mushroom image has a place in our psyche, from days long gone when our ancestors were discovering the hard way which ones were edible, which ones were decidedly not, and which were psychotropic. It is this memory that creates the allure of the fungal world today. In addition to loving to forage and eat our finds (with caution of course; "if in doubt, throw it out"), I am inspired to use their forms and colors in jewelry. And because some mushrooms are bioluminescent, some of the mushroom jewelry I make also possesses this quality.