Lighter Than Air Dancing Diamonds Necklace

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Product Description

For those of us who can use some lovely levity these days, the Lighter Than Air Dancing Diamonds Necklace enters, stage right. It is comprised of five handmade Sterling spiraled diamonds of graduated sizes, strung with black and gold glass beads, and finished with a handmade clasp, featuring, what else....a little spiral. So why lighter than air? The spiral itself is a powerful image that suggests a connection to infinity, a potentially light concept. These spirals feature translucency....pretty airy....and are embellished with little golden dots, which suggest, what else(?)--light! And the diamonds have Austrian crystals reflecting light from their centers. So all in all, the necklace is a beautiful way add a bit of bling and lighten the mood at the same time. It measures an ample 18 inches.