Red Bioluminescent Mushroom Earrings

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Product Description

Mushrooms symbolize the beauty and magic of nature, and the amanita muscaria is the quintessential mushroom. It is the mushroom that was featured in Alice in Wonderland, and was the subject of European folklore, and often represented in Christmas tree ornaments. These earrings pay homage to these mushrooms, and to the fields and forests where they are found. They are handcrafted from jeweler's brass and Sterling, and carefully hand-painted, and sealed with protective resin. But wait! It gets better! The stems dance lightly beneath the caps, and bits of the decorative elements will glow in the dark after being exposed to bright light for several minutes. The measure a scant 3/4"wide and 1" long without the earring wires. These earrings are light and fun to wear, and make great gifts, too.