Dragonfly Larva Necklace

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Product Description

Everyone loves dragonflies, and for good reason/s, but dragonfly larvae do not get the credit that they deserve! This necklace is one small step in that direction, (small steps being their operative means of transport, those short little legs not being able to muster giant leaps). Dragonfly larvae live underwater for up to 4 years, and when the time is just right, emerge and do their final molt into the winged air-breathing adults that we know and love! When I was just finishing this necklace, I stopped by my down-the-hill river for my daily dip, and noticed what I assumed were 2 empty larval shells on an exposed rock and took them for a fun photo op. Much to my surprise, one of them had not hatched yet! Back at home, it wasted no time in doing so, in the company of the necklace that honored it (see video). What a thrill! The necklace features a carved (not cast!) larva, sitting on a silver stone above a lovely piece of river-blue slag (which I found in the same river!)  embellished by some aquatic arrowhead plant leaves. The Sterling chain measures an adjustable 26 inches.